Saturday, November 9, 2013

Pure Pearl-dupe-tion

The Polish:
-Thumb, middle, and pinkie: three layers of Essence - Glitter topcoat
-Index and ring fingers: three layers of Essie - Pure Pearlfection (Luxeffects collection)
-Over all nails, Sinful Colors - Quick Dry, followed by a layer of Duri - Rejuvicote

Okay, my first lesson for this mani is that Rejuvicote does NOT go over Quick Dry liquid. I'd cleaned most of it up by the time these pictures were taken, but it made a big mess when the Rejuvicote slid around with the liquid rather than adhering to the polish. Lesson learned.

That aside, since I had these two similar polishes in my collection, I wanted to compare them. Here's how it went: on first layer, the Essie had noticeably more shimmer than the Essence. On two+ layers, they appeared identical.

The top coats somehow killed the shimmer, though. I'm not sure if it was the Sinful, the Rejuvicote, or what, but what was a translucent based shimmer suddenly became a sheer whitish pink under the topcoats. Huh.

Anyway, not exactly dupes, but close enough. I definitely don't need both, but I haven't figured out which to purge yet. The Essie would definitely get more from a swap, so I'll probably get rid of that one.

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