Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Retry Skittles

The Polishes:
Thumb:  Essence - Grey-t to be Here - three layers
Index: Cover Girl - Gold Rush (Boundless Color line) sandwiched between OPI - Sweet Heart
Middle: Raindrops franken dupe over Revlon - Phantom Angel (Masquerade collection) - two layers each
Ring: Wet n Wild - Star of the Show (Fast Dry line) over Orly - Au Champagne - two layers
Pinkie: Sally Girl - unnamed iridescent glitter over Sally Girl - Coconut - two layers

Again, taking advantage of Nail Board's Skittle week, I decided it was a good time to go through some polishes I hadn't worn in a while in hopes of purging some.

Grey-t is one of my favorites of the bunch. I adore the wide brush, the smooth formula, and the cute color. Perhaps others may be frustrated with the sheerness--I used three coats to cover the nail line. But I'm not one of those people. Nail lines don't bother me, and for everyday wear, two coats is fine by me.

Oh my goodness, my finicky Sweet Heart again. Your poor bottle is so muggle abused. And look at those bubbles! Yeah, it's not the greatest polish, and the old, thin brush may be sub-par, but I just can't bear to get rid of it yet. No one would want her. There's not much left, and it looks fine sandwiching glitter. I'd much prefer to just use as much as I can and then toss.

Gold Rush, again, is a perfectly reasonable glitter. Nothing spectacular about it, but it looks fine in a sandwich. I initially tried to leave it as a topper, but I just don't prefer that look. I had to add another layer of Sweet Heart.

Phantom Angel has been concerning me for a while now, as I've gone through my stash. It's a bit on the pearly side, and I don't like pearls. It's a sheer white, which I like, but, honestly, I have enough sheer whites, and those ones aren't pearls. Purging this one.

And here's my first Raindrops franken dupe attempt. There's not much left because I poured most of it into another franken glitter. I just wanted to see what it would look like on top of something else. *shrug* It's okay. In the shade, you can see the flakes from Glass Slipper, though, which are pretty.

Oh, Star of the Show. How I love-slash-hate you. I love your stars. I hate how sparse they are. You know, I have other star glitter. It's tough for me, but I suppose it's time to give you up. Purge.

Au Champagne is another one I have trouble with. I always hate it when I'm thinking about it. A frosty white? Sounds terrible. But on the nail, it somehow works, especially with two layers. I guess it has enough self-leveling power to settle the brush strokes into a fine matte. It's especially tolerable if I'm only wearing it as undies. Keep.

And my Sally Girls. Coconut has a creme finish that's just barely frustrating to work with, but the lovely coconut scent totally makes up for it. And the pretty pastel blue color.

And the iridescent glitter--actually one of my favorites from this batch of polishes. Simple and cute. Love it. <3

After I came back inside from taking pictures, somehow I found myself putting Seche Vite over top without thinking about it. After two nails, I said, "Wait. What am I doing? I'm not actually going to wear this, am I? To work?" (I'm a teacher at a private school.) Then I told myself, "Whatever, no one cares," and finished the Seche Vite. Somehow my index finger still got dented, anyway, so I probably won't wear it past a couple of days.

Purge number this time around: Two. I guess it's better than last time!

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