Saturday, November 2, 2013

Light as a ... Hottie?

The layers:
-Two coats of Duri - Rejuvicoat, applied days before, one layer per day
-Ring finger, three coats of Sinful Colors - Hottie
-Other fingers, one coat of NYC - Matte Me Crazy, as a smoothing base coat for the holo, and three coats of Glitter Gal - Light as a Feather.
-One layer of Seche Vite over everything.

Finally, my beautiful Light as a Feather. I've been lemming her for about six months because all the swatches of her are simply gorgeous. I finally bit the bullet and bought myself a bottle. I was sooo excited to put it on this morning that I could hardly get to sleep last night for anticipation. Haha, I'm so lame. :P

I really wanted this mani to be something special, since this is the first time I'm wearing it, so I thought for a long time about what to wear with it. My first thought was an accent nail of the only other holo I have, a pink BEGL prototype, but I thought maybe that would be too bold next to the subtle LaaF. Then I thought maybe a one of my nice blue-greys, like Lady Muck, would look good, but when I pulled it out and sat them next to each other, the color was too similar. I like my accent nails to be distinctly different. I finally decided on Hottie, thinking the nice blue shade and pretty iridescent glitters would complement the silver-grey holo of LaaF. In hindsight, it's not quite what I wanted either, but it's still pretty enough.

I'm just happy to finally have this polish after admiring it for so long. I love watching it in the sunlight. *happy sigh*

Wear: Removed at five days. LaaF started chipping at four days, and peeled at five. (Because of the Rejuvicote?) Hottie wore strong as steel.

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