Monday, October 28, 2013

After All This Time, Polar Bare?

The layers:
Revlon - Basecoat (Colorstay line)
Sally Hansen -  Polar Bare (Complete Salon Manicure line) - x2
365 Days of Color - After All This Time? (Horcrux collection, Fall 2013) - x2
Seche Vite

How lovely this mani is! So elegant and sheer. Totally my style. But that still didn't keep me from being a bit disappointed in After All This Time? This look was pretty much exactly what I was expecting from the bottle, but when I laid down my first coat, I was surprised to find that the base is entirely clear! I had to grab Polar Bare to layer it over.

I messaged 365 Days, and she said that it's to be expected because AATT? is a jelly. Apparently the pictures I've been seeing are three coats (or more), and that's why it seems as opaque as it does. I feel better knowing that, because I wasn't expecting a jelly. Now that I know, it makes complete sense, and I'm excited to try it again, three coats by itself!

Anyway, back to this mani and how lovely it is, hehe. <3 I love-love-love it. It does glow in the dark, but, as I've previously discovered, I don't have a camera that can take pictures of that. Boo. I'm also super enjoying my Seche Vite, which makes doing my nails a lot easier, yay. And here's Sissy helping me take good pictures out on the deck, even though it's cloudy.

Wear: Five days.

After All This Time? and the rest of the Horcrux collection are Limited Edition, so pick them up while you can. 365 Days of Color polishes can be purchased here, $8 for a full bottle and $4.50 for a mini.

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