Friday, October 4, 2013

Lingerie and Confetti

Rimmel - French Lingerie
Confetti - Pink Confetti

Since I have no more untrieds and I've been wearing any new polish immediately when I get them, I've also been thinking about going back to reswatch any polishes that didn't photograph well the first time around. Today I've got Rimmel's French Lingerie, the worst of five sheer pinks from a comparison in March.

This line of Rimmel's got such a nice brush, that magnificent pro-wide brush that I adore, so I loved putting it on. But it's just a bit streaky, and the middle finger of my left hand had some ridges that made the streakiness even more obvious. I really need to get myself a ridge filler.

Before I could let myself even take a picture of it alone, I grabbed the nearest glitter to cover it up. I was planning on just on the middle finger as an accent, but I don't think a middle finger accent looks good, and once the glitter was on that finger, I couldn't help but put it on the others, too, because it's so CUTE! Just look at how adorable that is. I love iridescent glitter. <3

Wear: Four days. Wearing it with Rejuvicote and adding a layer everyday made it too thick, but rather than picking, I used remover! Yay!

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