Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Onyx Scrubby Tub

I've been frustrated with glitter removal recently, so I thought I'd try out one of these scrubby tubs I've heard about on the forums. I've seen them nearly all stores where polish is sold--drug stores, grocery stores, big box stores, etc. I bought this one for $3 at Walmart. I chose this one from the others because it had the plastic bristle style (as opposed to sponges) and pure acetone (as opposed to acetone-based remover or non-acetone-based remover). Here's a few pictures of my first experience with it. (Sorry for the poor artificial lighting.)

Under the lid, the protective seal. It was a bit tough to open while trying to keep it level and not spill.

Inside, pink plastic with a bristle-lined hole to scrub your finger.

Took me about ten minutes to remove my previous mani. The bristles actually started to irritate my cuticles before the glitter was fully removed, which I wasn't expecting. It was kind of weird putting my whole finger inside of the acetone. And then, of course, my nails were pretty dry, but that's something I was expecting. I immediately put on a layer of Rejuvicote and then went to moisturize.

Got all the glitter off, but I'm not convinced that it's better than my other way with a rag. I know most people use the foil method for glitter removal (soak a portion of cotton ball in remover, place on the nail, then wrap in aluminum foil), but I never had the patience for what seems like tedium to me. Maybe I'll continue to use my rag for cremes, and whenever I come across a stubborn glitter, I'll pull out the scrubby tub to finish the job.

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