Saturday, October 12, 2013

Month-long Rejuvicote Regimen Results

Despite my initial disappointment with Duri's Rejuvicote treatment, I decided to give it another go. Below are my results of using it for one month.

Rejuvicote Diary

Wed Sept 11 - Polish removed with acetone remover. One coat applied.
Thu Sept 12 - One coat applied.
Fri Sept 13 - Took a shower, Rejuvicote started to peel around the edges, particularly edges that had been applied over a small amount of skin as well as nail. No coats applied.
Sat Sept 14 - Three thin coats of LA Colors Lush Lavender applied to left hand, one coat to right hand. One coat of Rejuvicote applied as top coat, as per instructions on the box. Polish never completely dried, dented, and continued to peel from yesterday's shower. Drove me crazy, and I removed everything with pure acetone a few hours later. Washed hands, dried, and applied one fresh coat of Rejuvicote. The left middle finger, which was the one that peeled the most, seemed to absorb the Rejuvicote more than the others, so I added an extra layer just to that finger.
Sun Sept 15 - Left thumb had a peelie. Peeled off. Took a shower. No polish peel like on Friday. Applied one coat of Rejuvicote.
Mon Sept 16 - Two coats of NYC Prospect Park Bloom and one of L'Oreal B. Adorable on left hand, because apparently I didn't learn my lesson. Dented immediately due to number of total coats. Removed with pure acetone, as well as the Rejuvicote on right hand. Applied one fresh coat to both hands. Left ring finger has a peelie now.
Tue Sept 17 - Showered and clipped my nails. Wanted to put on polish, but I knew better. One coat of Rejuvicote applied.
Wed Sept 18 - One coat applied.
Thu Sept 19 - One coat applied.
Fri Sept 20 - One coat applied.
Sat Sept 21 - Put on a franken glitter crelly, Robin's Egg. Two coats on my left hand, one on the right. One layer of Rejuvicote on top.
Sun Sept 22 - One coat applied.
Mon Sept 23 - Removed polish with pure acetone. One coat of Rejuvicote applied.
Tue Sept 24 - My nails are definitely peeling. They have been for a couple of days, I just haven't wanted to accept it. My right thumb is the worst right now, followed by my left ring finger (which is super sucky because it's one of my swatching fingers). I also haven't wanted to admit that it may be the clipping. Yes, MUA already told me that it was bad, but I just ignored them. But I don't want to stop. Can I still clip, but buffer more? I think I'd be willing to take biotin if it meant I could still clip. Gaah. Two layers of SC Glow in the Dark applied to left hand, one layer to right. One coat of Rejuvicote applied as top coat.
Wed Sept 25 - One coat applied.
Thu Sept 26 - One coat applied. Got upset and put on polish to calm down. Black Cat Lacquer's Celestica with a Lucky Star accent.
Fri Sept 27 - Started to peel while I was out, and I picked at a few corners. Removed when I got home with a scrubby tub of pure acetone. One coat of Rejuvicote applied.
Sat Sept 28 - Two layers of Rimmel's French Lingerie on my left hand, one on my right. Two layers of Confetti's Pink Confetti on top, and one coat of Rejuvicote over everything.
Sun Sept 29 - One coat applied.
Mon Sept 30 - One coat applied. Right ring finger cracked at the edge and had to be filed down. ... Okay, I just tore it off, alright? I know I'm a monster. Polish is starting to drive me crazy by being too thick and I'm fighting the urge to pick. One more day.
Tue Oct 1 - Polish removed. One coat of Rejuvicote applied. My "true cuticles" are driving me crazy. I really need to push them back. I used Sally Hansen's blue cuticle remover, but I don't think it does anything.
Wed Oct 2 - One coat applied.
Thu Oct 3 - One coat applied.
Fri Oct 4 - Missed
Sat Oct 5 - Applied polish, then messed it up by adding a large glitter and trying to move the glitter after application. Grr. So I removed everything. Put on two coats of a sheer shimmer and one coat of a small glitter. One coat of Rejuvicote applied as a top coat.
Sun Oct 6 - One coat applied.
Mon Oct 7 - One coat applied.
Tue Oct 8 - Got frustrated at work and picked. Peeled right ring finger's polish completely off and started on the bases of other right hand fingers before I could control myself. Went home, removed with pure acetone, put on one coat of Rejuvicote, three layers of a sheer creme, and another layer of Rejuvicote.
Wed Oct 9 - One coat applied.
Thu Oct 10 - One coat applied. Started to pick, so I had to stop myself. I WILL make this mani last one more day.
Fri Oct 11 - And today makes one month. Successfully didn't pick during work, yay! Came home, showered, filed, removed polish, finished filing, and put on one coat of Rejuvicote. I've decided that my nails ARE actually nicer. They seem thicker, stronger, and whiter, with the exception of my two middle fingers, which had peelies that I buffed out. I think those peelies were actually from using nail clippers, and then the buffing made the nails weak. I have peelies on two other nails that don't look like they're budging, so I consider that a win.

I've decided to keep using Rejuvicote, though not every day. My favorite thing about this month has been coming home and getting to put on a "polish" EVERY DAY. That's certainly been fun. But on the other hand, my least favorite thing was how the Rejuvicote made my manis so thick with layers that I wanted to pick them off and how the polish peeled off so easily that it made picking satisfying. It's a sad trade, rather have nicer manis than the opportunity to put something on every day.

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