Saturday, October 26, 2013

Polish Rack

I'm pleased to present my new nail polish rack!

It was a birthday gift from my aunt. <3 This is the one here, $23 on Amazon. It's pretty sturdy and easy to put together without any tools. There were screws, but they just slid into the holes, and the nut screws in on the other side. You can do it with your fingers.

As you can see, my pretties fit in very nicely, just not quite all of them. I was able to fit about 65 in (the little space in the front is a reserved parking spot for a lovely I have coming in the mail), but I have somewhere between 80 or 90 polishes, plus the top and base coats I lined up along the side.

So I'm trying to decide if I want to purge or just get another rack.

I'll probably do a little of both, actually. If I had another rack, I could spread things out and make it a little neater, putting brands and collections together but separated from each other. I have another shelf beside this one where I could put it if I do a little reorganizing. I just hope having another rack with extra space doesn't encourage me to buy more. I'll just have to spread everything out neatly.

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