Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pinkie Linen

The Polish:
Duri - Rejuvicote
Sally Hansen - Linen (Smooth and Perfect line)
Wet n Wild - Pinkie Sweet (Megalast line)

I took some pictures of Linen on its own, too, but they turned out terribly. Dreary winter weather has begun already. As can also be seen in my cuticles. Also, ugh, come ON, peelies. Grr, driving me crazy.

Anyway, my honeymoon with the Smooth and Perfect line is definitely over. I fell in love with them when I was still a muggle, and now I see why they don't get any love from the girls on nail board. First, some bubbling. Second, the pearly finish. Not as brush-stroke-y as some other things I've tried, but still enough to be annoying. It fades after a couple of days and is hardly noticeable with a layer of something prettier (like my Pinkie Sweet) over it, so I'm not going to throw them all in the swap pile immediately, but I am a little frustrated that I have a full set of something I don't actually care much for. What I do still adore are the brushes and the bottles. I half want to just pour them all out and decant something nicer.

But yeah, nothing bad to say about Pinkie Sweet, on the other hand. My mom asked for a mani, and after putting it on her, I couldn't help layering it over Linen, which I currently had on my own nails. Made a world of difference.

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