Monday, December 9, 2013

Lunar Excelsior!

The Polish:
BC: Duri - Rejuvicote
Main color: Different Dimension - Excelsior!, two coats
Accent: Northern Star - Lunar Glow (Limited Edition released for Black Friday, 2013), one coat
TC: Seche Vite

I've been lemming Excelsior! for a few months, though I didn't know much about it. Honestly, I think I put it on my wishlist after seeing a swatch of it on the nail board (which I guess I saved to Pinterest) and then promptly forgot about it. But when I saw it come up on a swap site, I remembered that I had wanted it and grabbed it immediately.

Turns out it's a soft, pretty white holo. No wonder I wanted it. I'm such a sucker for pretty whites. The holo is fainter than the bottle would have had me believe, though, and it only shows up in direct light. In the shade, it just looks like a pink shimmer, which is fine, too. Regardless, another freshly-fallen-snow white I'm glad to have.

Lunar Glow is a dusty, denim blue holo that was available for a short time during Black Friday sales this year. I kind of hemmed and hawed about getting it, since it's a bit darker than I normally wear. But it was just too gorgeous of a color to let it pass. Plus, at $6, it was the cheapest polish I bought that day. (I, uh.. *cough* kind of spent a lot of money that day. Shh. Let's not speak of such things.)

Lunar Glow is slightly on the thicker side, and since it's a darker color, I couldn't help but make a little bit of a mess of it on myself. Whatever. Still pretty despite my poor application. Only one coat needed. Look how bluuuue it is!

Wear: Lunar Glow chipped at five days. Removed at six.

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