Friday, December 13, 2013

Special Snowflake

The Polish:
BC: Duri - Rejuvicote
Maya Cosmetics - Special Snowflake (Holiday 2013), three layers
TC: Seche Vite

Upon seeing the swatch posted on Facebook, I knew I HAD to have this polish. I bought it first thing Black Friday, and I was sooo excited! Kat even included a free mini of It Can't Rain All the Time in my box, which made me even more giddy to open it up! What a wonderful lady. <3

Special Snowflake is a gorgeous mix of silver, matte grey, and iridescent glitters in a pale blue base. I wouldn't really call it a jelly base because of the consistency, though it is similar in appearance. The blue is very pale on the first couple of layers but comes out fully at three coats. (I liked it at two coats but added another for the pictures.) And oooooh my goodness, those glitters... *swoon* It's those iridescents that really get me. (I've come to realize that I'm a sucker for iridescents.) But there are also small matte grey glitters hidden in there that are beautiful, too.

The abundance of glitter causes a small amount of texture, even after Seche Vite, but it didn't bother me much. In fact, this polish is pretty much perfect, in my opinion. My only regret is that I don't have a camera good enough to capture its beauty appropriately. *sigh* I have my eye on that new Windows phone. You know, the one they're calling "the best camera phone," or whatever? But we'll have to see how that turns out...

Wear: Four days. My first experience with Seche Vite's shrinkage effect (do I need to add thinner to it?), and then the polish started wanting to peel at day three. A poor manicure for such a pretty polish--how disappointing! I think the peeling was definitely from Rejuvicote, so I'll have to wear a different base coat next time I wear Special Snowflake, and I guess I'll find out what's up with Seche Vite next mani.

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