Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sing You Like a Bee

The Polish:
BC: None
Color: Nicole by OPI - Sing You Like a Bee, two coats
TC: None

I still just can't tell if I like this polish enough yet. It's like a textured version of White Cap, which is one of my favorites, but.. somehow just not quite as good. I don't know. Next time I wear it, I think I'll try it with a top coat. One of the reasons why I love White Cap is because it just seems so simple and glossy and perfect. This somehow doesn't. Maybe with a top coat, I can get it to feel that way.

SO comments, noticed while out to eat on Friday night
SO: Hmm. Gold sparkles, huh?
Me: Yeah. I'm not sure if I like it or not. It's cute, but it just doesn't seem enough.
SO: Yeah. It matches your skin color, so it's a good thing it's sparkly. Otherwise, it'd just seem like your regular skin. In which case, it'd be like, what's the point?
Me: Yeah. They call that "My Nails But Better"-- MNBB.
SO: ... Of course they'd have a term for that.
Me: *giggle*

Wear: Removed on Day 5, some chipping on Day 4

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