Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Blueberry Smith

The Polish:
BC: Duri - Rejuvicote
Color: Silly Bee's Chickadees - Blueberry Smith Smoothie, two coats
TC: Seche Vite

Guess who won a Silly Bee's Facebook giveaway! It was me! :D Melissa, the owner, posted a scavenger hunt to her page, and I just so happened to refresh right when she did, so I was able to run to her blog and find the answer quick. Lucky! The prize was one free polish of my choice, so I chose Blueberry Smith Smoothie, a polish I had admired on Oh Three Oh Four.

It's a yummy-looking white crelly with blue, green, and white glitters. I really need to get a top coat for hungry glitters, because I've been wearing them more and more. This is definitely one I need it for. Gelous has been recommended, I've just yet to pick it up.

I really want to try this matte next time! I know it'll look great that way, too!

Wear: Removed after two days because I just wasn't feeling it. Or maybe because I WAS "feeling it," and that was part of the problem. I'll try again in the spring, after I have some Gelous.

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