Saturday, January 25, 2014

CtA proto

The Polish:
BC: Revlon - Colorstay Basecoat
Color: Blue Eyed Girl Lacquers - CtA 1.2 (prototype), three coats
TC: GCSV (50% NYC - Grand Central Station, 50% Seche Vite)

Oookay, this didn't turn out as expected. I know pastels are traditionally tricky to work with, but I've had such nice luck in the past. Three coats and it's still a streaky mess? Boo.


CtA 1.2 is a pale lavender creme with weak linear holo. And it's going in the swap box. I know there are techniques for dealing with finicky formulas, such as sandwiching thin coats between layers of top coat or using a makeup sponge to apply the last layer, but I just don't care enough to try that hard. The color wasn't what I was expecting, and I just have many other polishes that I love more. So I'll let someone else have it.

Wear: Removed after two days.

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