Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Polish Rack

I love the polish rack I was given for my birthday, but it was already too small for my stash when I got it. I considered purging until it fit, but then I hauled a lot instead. So I decided to just buy a second one.

If you don't have one of these guys yet, seriously consider it. It's cheap on Amazon, it looks great, and setup is effortless. Just place the four screws in the holes and hand-tighten the nuts--took me literally less than three minutes.

What took a lot longer was the reorganizing, which I tried for an hour before I got it the way I wanted it. Here are the final results:

Rack 1: Higher ends and favorites. Indies on the bottom three rows. Then OPI, BL, and Illamasqua. Next is Revlons, SH CSM, and Zoya. Top row is WnW Megalast, China Glaze, Urban Outfitters, and Orly.

To the side are untrieds along with removers, files, cuticle oils, and other miscellaneous nail stuff.

Rack 2: Lower end drugstore polishes, etc. Bottom row are frankens, Color Workshop, and Sally Girl. Next is LA Girl and LA Color, Confetti, and Essence. Then some L'Oreal, Cover Girl, KleanColor, and WnW Fastdry. Then SH DS, NYC, and NOPI. Second to last row is all SC, and top row is SH S&P and Essie. (Yeah, I'm not as fond of Essie as other girls are.)

To the side are top coats, base coats, matte TCs, and treatments.

Very pleased to have everything in its place finally!

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