Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Worst Possible Air

The Polish:
BC: CND - Sticky
Main Color: Sally Hansen - Air (Smooth & Perfect line), two coats
Glitter: Rainbow Honey - The Worst Possible Thing (Equestria collection)
TC: Seche Vite

The Worst Possible Thing is a polish I've been admiring since I first got really into polish more than a year ago, so when I found a mini on a blog sale, I bought it immediately. Unfortunately, it I don't make it look as good as the professionals do. Maybe I needed to put it over a darker color, but that's probably not the only thing. Where are the shards/flakes in their swatches, I ask you? They seem to be all over mine. Pointless Cafe's swatches, too. I looked REALLY closely at the first two and finally was able to spot some. I have no idea why they show so much more on a lighter color than on darker... Right. Anyway, lesson learned. TWPT is goes over dark colors only.

I tried and tried, but I just couldn't take a good picture last night. Finally I just gave up. On a whim a couple hours later, I tried in the bathroom. Great success! ... Well, maybe not great, but definitely better than it had been, at least. And then I took some pictures outside this afternoon, too, and they were also slightly better.

Here's a crazy out of focus shot that I decided to keep because I love the colors. It probably won't last long, but I currently have it set as my desktop background, haha.

Dawn was trying very hard to get my attention last night when I was trying to get a good picture. Here she scoffs.

Apart from the thing with the polish I mentioned above, I was also disappointed with the tiny nub of a brush that comes with the mini bottle. Judging from the website and recent blogs, they've changed mini bottles since this polish has been released, but that doesn't help me now any. Oh well.

Wear: Removed at four days. I wanted to do a wear test for Sticky, but I got too excited for other polishes and wanted to change. Oh well.

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